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Relaxing in the mountains

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As our guest, we want you to feel warmly welcomed in our hotel in the Sarentino valley. You will be met with friendliness and harmony, peacefulness and nature, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable holiday in the Sarentino valley, so you can truly enjoy your best days of the year. With our list of special offers , we're sure there is one that is just right for you.

We look forward to your visit!
The Stauder family

Our Electric Charging Station at the Hotel Olympia

Our beautiful natural surroundings are extremely important to us. For this reason our hotel provides all of our guests who travel here by electric car a practical and convenient 14 KW electric charging station right outside our door. Park your car conveniently in the parking space with an electrical charging point and recharge your vehicle free of charge with clean, ecological power. A special service for our guests and a valuable contribution to preserving our environment.